Conference Program

2013 Canadian Evaluation Society Conference – Toronto | June 9 – 12

Evaluation Across Boundaries

Locating Evaluation Within And Across Settings.

The CES fosters critical thinking on global issues through a Canadian lens. Our network of thought-leaders engages to develop practical, robust thinking and realistic, innovative approaches that will strengthen and sustain the profession of evaluation practice.


Through a Canadian lens, CES TORONTO 2013 will focus on examining the dynamic and ecological relationships between and across those evaluating and those evaluated. We will explore the spaces and the boundaries of evaluation through four conference strands and four key areas we aim to respond to:

  • What are implications for individual skill-sets and aptitudes? What are impacts to approaches, methodologies, technologies and tools useful and relevant to individual practice and practice quality?
  • How can we make evaluation accessible across a whole region? What are implications for the diverse communities we serve?
  • What is our role in embedding evaluative thinking and evaluation in our organizations, networks and communities?
  • How do we expand and leverage the Canadian experience to influence and shape governance in the local and global sphere beyond traditional borders and boundaries?



Conference Strands


Examining and acknowledging the roles of those being evaluated and those evaluating


Engaging organizations in the practice of system-wide evaluation (e.g., academic, NGO, corporate)


Improving the reach of evaluation across entire regions – evaluation with a community focus


Building a network and professional order of evaluation that will support and energize evaluation practice within and across individuals, community, organization and system


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