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2013 Canadian Evaluation Society Conference – Toronto | June 9 – 12

CES members are leaders from many disciplinary backgrounds who are actively engaging in evaluation issues that affect Canadians and the interests of the international community. Through our National Conference, CES serves as a forum to harness our collective intelligence – fostering the learning and sharing of ideas and experiences among those who share an interest in demonstrating impact and/or contribution to the field of evaluation. The 2013 National Conference will make our academic and practical research more accessible, and our evaluation practice more responsive, to emerging challenges and diverse, dynamic populations.

We welcome proposal(s) for a presentation to be made at the 2013 CES conference from professionals and other potential presenters with knowledge or expertise related to evaluation theory, research or practice. Proposals will only be admissible if submitted through the online submission system. The deadline to submit Presentation Proposals is has been *extended to February 22, 2013 (11:59pm EST).

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We welcome proposal(s) for the facilitation of professional development workshops to be made at the 2013 CES conference from professionals and other potential facilitators who oversee, are engaged in and work to advance evaluation theory, research or practice. Workshops are expected to be hands-on, experiential and interactive sessions that provide opportunities for participants to build or hone knowledge, skills and capabilities in a particular area related to evaluation or to specific methodologies and/or practice. The deadline to submit Workshop Proposals is January 30, 2013 (11:59pm EST).

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Presentation Type Structure
Paper / Multipaper Length: 20 minutes
Approach: Lecture format followed by Q&A. May be submitted individually (two or three presentations will be grouped with others on a common theme) or as a pre-defined group of two to four papers on a common theme or topic
Focus: Share approaches, aspects, lessons learned or results
Expert Lecture Length: 45 minutes
Approach: Lecture format followed by moderated Q&A. Breadth and depth of content and the expertise of the presenter are key considerations
Focus: Share conceptual or methodological innovations
Roundtable Length: 45 minutes
Approach: Interactive, extended discussion with a small group of attendees seated around a table for in-depth discussion and feedback
Focus: Targeted questions for learning and exploration of the topic
Demonstration Length: 45 minutes
Approach: Experiential / interactive classroom style presentation with walk-through and clear, step-by-step explanations of concepts and/or tools
Focus: Discussion of merits, strengths and weakness and how it may be applied
Think Tank Length: 90 minutes
Approach: Address a single question or issue. The chair will orient the audience to the topic with table groups to explore the question
Focus: Knowledge to practice, problem-solving and dialogue
Panel Length: 90 minutes
Approach: Thematic presentation. The abstract should describe how the panelists will coordinate presentations and contribution to the session.
Focus: Insights on issues facing the field


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