5 Inspiring Regent Park Graduates to Meet During the Conference

5 June, 2013

5 Inspiring Regent Park Graduates to Meet During the Conference

As part of the fabulous line-up of activities we have for you at the Canadian Evaluation Society’s 2013 Conference, you’ll also be able to meet these inspiring young graduates if you take part in the Regent Park Community Event. The Pathways to Education @ Regent Park is a unique experiential learning opportunity for evaluation conference delegates to contribute to an innovative education program in one of Canada’s most exciting urban revitalization projects.

Words from Pathways Graduates

The Pathways Alumni Association is dedicated to keeping graduates of the Pathways program connected to each other and engaging them with Pathways Canada to develop and demonstra

Regent Park 4

te leadership, give back through the Ambassador Program, and accesses various opportunities to enhance their networking skills.

Below you will find a few words that describe some of our alumni ambassadors and leaders that will be present during your visit in Regent Park.

There are limited spots available for this event so please register urgently!

Graduate #1: Rasha

My name is Rasha Ashraf and I have been a resident of Regent Park since 2004. After graduating from Pathways in 2010 I moved on to complete post-secondary studies at the University of Toronto. I am currently completing my double major in mental health studies and mathematics.

Graduate #2: Yussuf

Regent Park 3My name is Yussuf Hussein and I grew up in Regent Park and I am currently a resident of Regent Park. I graduated from Pathways Regent Park and am currently pursuing a double major in International Development and Communication Studies at York University. Living in Regent Park has given me the pleasure to become involved in various activities and programs like Y.E.P.

Graduate #3: Mahi

My name is Mahi Choudhury.   I have lived in Regent Park for over 16 years.  Aside from being involved with different sports like Cricket in the community, For the past three years I have been a Program Director at Lead2Peace, which is a community initiative designed to help youth to get engaged in Regent Park and Elementary Schools.  I am also a Pathways alumni.

Graduate #4: Farid

Regent Park 2Farid Jalil went to Ryerson University for business.  He has been living in Regent Park for over 10 years and has experienced the revitalization project from its conception.  He has recently been employed with the Artscape Centre as a coordinator of Marketing and Outreach.  Farid has also been involved with various initiatives in the Regent Park community.

Graduate #5: Mark

Mark Luguya is a prospective Master’s degree student at the University of Toronto, Centre of Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies. Along with being a graduate student he is also a Research Coordinator on a major research project examining the impact of community revitalization on youth in low income communities. In the future Mark hopes to pursue his work in assisting community organizations and initiatives to broaden their impact.

Get Your Ticket

Regent Park 1You’ll have to purchase a ticket to be a part of this opportunity, but all profits go to the Regent Park Community so it’s for a worthy cause.

Details of the event are:

Venue: Daniels Spectrum, Regent Park in Toronto

Date/Time: Tuesday, June 11 2013, 4.00pm—6.00pm.

Transportation: Transportation to the site will be arranged for participants. The price of transportation is included in the ticket price for the event.

Price: $CAD 35.00 + taxes per person

If you are interested in reserving your ticket, please write for the attention of Yasser Ismail at CESProgram2013@evaluationontario.ca. This is a great opportunity to get to grips with a real-life issue and contribute to the future development of the program. Tickets will be issued on a first come, first served basis, so we encourage you to secure your spot now.

Please note: you must be registered for the conference to participate in this special event! 

For more information on this wonderful urban revitalization project, please visit http://www.pathwaystoeducation.ca/en/toronto-regent-park.

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