Working as an Evaluator? Become Credentialed Now

30 May, 2013

Working as an Evaluator? Become Credentialed Now

credentialsAre you working as an evaluator? The Canadian Evaluation Society’s credentialing program can provide you with the designation you need to be recognized in your profession. The program offers direction for a number of parties:

  1. Practitioners can ascertain the knowledge and skills required to be competent, which guides their professional development
  2. Learning organizations and service providers can obtain information on the type of education and development needed to support the evaluation discipline
  3. Companies and organizations involved in sourcing or appointing evaluation personnel can obtain information on the expertise needed for the job or to evaluation sub-contractor services
  4. Managers working with evaluation professionals can find out what they can expect the evaluator to deliver.

Background to the Program

The Credentialed Evaluator designation came into being in 2010 after five long years spent in due diligence, member consultations and consideration. Prospective candidates are required to demonstrate competency of 70% in each of five domains and provide evidence of their education, related work experience and ongoing professional development. The designation is offered to members as a service by the Society, which also maintains a registry of CEs.

The objectives of the program are to “define, recognize and promote the practice of ethical, high quality and competent evaluation in Canada,” and to contribute to the professionalization of evaluation across the country. The Society does this through stringent qualification of candidates, promotion of continuous learning and maintenance and renewal requirements for evaluators.

Learn more at the CES Toronto 2013 Conference

We’ll have two CEs presenting workshops at the conference:

  1. Kaireen Chaytor, Ph. D., CE, who was recognized in 2003 with the national award for contribution to theory and practice in evaluation and installed in 2011 as a Fellow of the Canadian Evaluation Society; and
  2. Nancy Carter, Ph.D., CE who is Director, Evaluation Services for the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation.

Meet credentialed evaluators attending the conference, or participating either as workshop facilitators or conference presenters. It’s a great opportunity to network with them and learn more about the benefits and qualifications for becoming a CE.

There will also be a credentialing Information Session at the conference for experienced evaluators to learn more about the designation and the qualifications needed to apply.

Conference Information Session

You can attend the session on:

Date:                     Tuesday June 11, 2013

Time:                    17:30 – 18:30

Venue:                 Main Mezzanine, Québec room

If you believe the CE designation is for you, attend the session check out the Applicant Guide for more information on how to apply.

Watch this blog for more information on the 2013 conference, or subscribe to our bilingual Conference Newsletter and follow us on social media. You can find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

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