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9 June, 2013

What works? How evaluation can cross boundaries to influence public policy and management


Evaluation as a function has struggled to be seen as relevant to public policy decision makers. This session suggests that evaluation efforts need to adopt a realistic and pragmatic approach to help public and NGO decision makers to learn and understand what works (to what extent) for whom in what conditions and why in terms of initiatives.

Panel members include:

  1. Mr. Steve Montague, Performance Management Network Inc.
  2. Information-Insight-Improvement
  3. Dr. Isabelle Bourgeois,  Professeure, École nationale d’administration publique
  4. Mr. Marc Gagne, Senior Evaluator, National Research Council of Canada
  5. Ms. Suzanne Lafortune, Partner, Performance Management Network
  6. Ms. Mary Kay Lamarche, National Board Member, Canadian Evaluation Society
  7. Ms. Cheryl Anne Parsons, Senior Research Associate Volunteer, Performance Management Network
  8. Mr. Eric Seraphim, Senior Evaluation Manager, Canadian Food inspection Agency
  9. Ms. Anca Serban, Evaluation Analyst, Health Canada
  10. Ms. Jane Whynot,  Partner, Whynot Associates

The session will demonstrate and collectively examine what we know about different policy instruments (e.g. carrots, sticks and sermons etc) applied in different areas (e.g. industrial innovation, food safety, policy programs, energy efficiency, health and the mentoring of evaluation professionals) and delivered via different implementation designs (e.g. single agency delivery, delivery partnerships, contribution to intermediaries etc.).

The demonstration will:

  1. illustrate findings which participants can use in their practice,
  2. demonstrate an approach to using research on context, theories of change and policy instrument types to generatively learn about the influence of policies and programs on results and to advise public managers on the important factors to consider when planning and implementing initiatives.
  3. show how structured research on context and theories of change can practically and cost-effectively help analysts to plan, implement and analyze evaluation studies.

Make sure you don’t miss this session on Monday in the British Columbia room, Main Mezzanine at 3.15 pm!

2 June, 2013

7 Additional Workshops to Fit into Your Schedule


With so much going on at the 2013 evaluation conference, it’s likely that you’re having difficulty deciding which workshops to attend. We’ve featured a few of them in previous blog posts, so here are the others that haven’t yet enjoyed the spotlight:

Workshop #1: Developing and Testing the Logic in Logic Models: Rules and Lessons of Experience – Dr. Harry Cummings

Harry_CummingsThe workshop is designed to explore the use of logic models in program and project planning and evaluation.

You will learn:

  1. To describe the various types of logic models.
  2. To identify ways to test the logic.
  3. To apply the tests to programs in various sectors: health, international development, etc.

Workshop #2: Rapid Impact Evaluation – Andy Rowe

RIA triangulates the expert judgment of three different classes of experts to arrive at judgments of the incremental change in effects attributable to the intervention. It employs the ‘negotiated alternative’, a new approach to counterfactuals, as well as a simplified approach to measurement. This workshop introduces the RIA approach to impact evaluation using small groups and group discussion interspersed with short descriptions provided by the facilitator.

Workshop #3: Evaluation of Training Programs – Dr. Sid Ali

Sid_AliThis intermediate level workshop will build interactively on participants’ knowledge of logic models and introduce them to Kirkpatrick’s and Guskey’s levelled approaches to training program evaluation.

You will learn:

  1. The basics of Kirkpatrick’s and Guskey’s levelled approaches to training program evaluation.
  2. How to integrate logic models and the levelled approaches into a hybrid approaches that will be useful in evaluations training programs.
  3. To develop an evaluation plan for a comprehensive evaluation of training programs.

Workshop #4: Building Evaluation Capacity and Culture – Dr. Kaireen Chaytor

This workshop will present the conceptual basis for the presence of evaluation capacity and culture. A synthesis of the literature on ‘Understanding Organizational Capacity for Evaluation’ CJPE Vol 23(3) will be integrated into the concepts, and a model to assess and compare capacity and culture will be presented.

Workshop #5: Demonstrating Research Impact: Measuring Return on Investment with an Impact Framework – Dr. Nancy Carter, Rob Chatwin

NancyCarterThis workshop will introduce participants to the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) framework for demonstrating research impacts and its components. Participants will learn about the model itself and an extensive list of indicators developed to evaluate health research impacts based on this framework.

You will learn:

  1. Basic understanding of the concepts of impact evaluation.
  2. Canadian Academy of Health Science’s (CAHS) framework and indicators to “Measure Returns on Investment in Health Research” and research in general.
  3. To apply the CAHS Framework through a guided case study exercise.

Workshop #6: Write to be Read – Dr. Christine Frank

Evaluation reports that are highly accessible and interesting can generate learning among all stakeholders. Clear, readable writing is especially important for readers whose first language is not English. In this highly interactive workshop, you will practice a number of simple strategies to keep your readers engaged. The session is both fun and valuable, and has been popular at previous national and provincial CES events.

Workshop #7: Survey Research for Evaluation: Advanced Issues in Design and Implementation – Benoit Gauthier, Dr. Simon Roy 

Benoit_GauthierThe purpose of this session will be to review and discuss four advanced topics: (1) Moving from the evaluation framework to planning the survey (i.e. operationalization of concepts, sampling, scales, budgeting); (2) Ensuring the meaning of questions is shared (i.e. pretesting and translation); (3) Approaches to enhancing response rates; and, (4) Assessing survey research conducted by others. Facilitators will structure a brief presentation of each topic, frame the issues encountered and provide solutions they have identified in the literature and within their own practice.

View the Program at a Glance for the informative workshops and plenary sessions, or listen to this podcast to hear about the program we’ve got lined up. Join more than 480 of your evaluation peers who have already signed up by registering online using our Registration page. You can also book your hotel rooms online to take advantage of the special rate offered at the Fairmont Royal York.

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30 May, 2013

Spaces Available for Workshops-Only Registration


Even if you can’t attend CES national conference this year, you can still register and attend any of the 18 professional development workshops without having to pay the CES conference fee. Workshops will be held on Sunday, June 9th at the Toronto Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Based on feedback requesting more advanced level workshops, we are proud to offer 13 workshops at the Intermediate and Advance level.

You can register to attend CES 2013 Workshops only on the CES Conference Registration page.

This year, full-time students get a huge price break: $40 for half-day and $80 for full-day workshops!

30 May, 2013

Working as an Evaluator? Become Credentialed Now


credentialsAre you working as an evaluator? The Canadian Evaluation Society’s credentialing program can provide you with the designation you need to be recognized in your profession. The program offers direction for a number of parties:

  1. Practitioners can ascertain the knowledge and skills required to be competent, which guides their professional development
  2. Learning organizations and service providers can obtain information on the type of education and development needed to support the evaluation discipline
  3. Companies and organizations involved in sourcing or appointing evaluation personnel can obtain information on the expertise needed for the job or to evaluation sub-contractor services
  4. Managers working with evaluation professionals can find out what they can expect the evaluator to deliver.

Background to the Program

The Credentialed Evaluator designation came into being in 2010 after five long years spent in due diligence, member consultations and consideration. Prospective candidates are required to demonstrate competency of 70% in each of five domains and provide evidence of their education, related work experience and ongoing professional development. The designation is offered to members as a service by the Society, which also maintains a registry of CEs.

The objectives of the program are to “define, recognize and promote the practice of ethical, high quality and competent evaluation in Canada,” and to contribute to the professionalization of evaluation across the country. The Society does this through stringent qualification of candidates, promotion of continuous learning and maintenance and renewal requirements for evaluators.

Learn more at the CES Toronto 2013 Conference

We’ll have two CEs presenting workshops at the conference:

  1. Kaireen Chaytor, Ph. D., CE, who was recognized in 2003 with the national award for contribution to theory and practice in evaluation and installed in 2011 as a Fellow of the Canadian Evaluation Society; and
  2. Nancy Carter, Ph.D., CE who is Director, Evaluation Services for the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation.

Meet credentialed evaluators attending the conference, or participating either as workshop facilitators or conference presenters. It’s a great opportunity to network with them and learn more about the benefits and qualifications for becoming a CE.

There will also be a credentialing Information Session at the conference for experienced evaluators to learn more about the designation and the qualifications needed to apply.

Conference Information Session

You can attend the session on:

Date:                     Tuesday June 11, 2013

Time:                    17:30 – 18:30

Venue:                 Main Mezzanine, Québec room

If you believe the CE designation is for you, attend the session check out the Applicant Guide for more information on how to apply.

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24 May, 2013

Evaluation: not a spectator sport!


2015 has been declared the International Year of Evaluation. What does this mean for Canada on the world stage?

Join Us on June 12th, 2013 to Help Create the Future

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, opening the High Level Meeting on UN Results: Are we achieving them? How do we know? on April 16, 2013 stated: “All of us share a responsibility to strengthen the evaluation function.  We have to tackle the challenge at several levels.”

In the next 5 to 10 years it’s imperative that we consider ways in which evaluation practice can enable social good, if it is to remain a meaningful and engaging discipline.

pionting finger

To kick start this dialogue, we need YOU.

Join Larry Bremner, members of the CES national council and more than 420 of your evaluation peers in a town hall-style, collaborative session on Day 3 of the Canadian Evaluation Conference. Help create our evaluation future! 

Contribute to a robust evaluation community: Across Boundaries.  This final innovative session will capture the collective intelligence using real time polling technology and our experience across the two conference days on the following issues:

  1. What challenges do you face as an evaluator?
  2. How do you think Evaluation as a field/practice might need to evolve over the next 10 years in order to remain viable?
  3. What is our role as practitioner evaluators in this process?

 As you engage in conference activities, consider these questions and bring your comments and opinions to share with your colleagues and partners on Wednesday morning.

Following the keynote address by John Gargani and led by John and Sanjeev Sridharan, join us to explore these questions and develop a declaration to drive the process.

Date : Wednesday June 12, 2013

Time : 09h15

It’s time for action. It’s our future. How we respond to the challenge and determine the impact for our community is entirely up to us.

Be there!

The hotel will provide a baggage drop after checkout for those who plan to leave immediately following the session.

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14 May, 2013

Early Bird Deadline Extended


The early bird discount has been extended to Friday May 17th, 2013 so this is your final chance to register and get these incredible rates. If you need any extra motivation, read our post on 4 Reasons to Register for the Conference or listen to our podcast on all the exciting things that are lined up

Also, the Fairmount Royal York is offering conference delegates a fabulous deal on room prices, and has extended its deadline too.

So don’t miss out – visit to register and to book your room.

10 May, 2013

Recognizing our Sponsors for CES Toronto 2013


BREAKING NEWS: Early bird pricing has been extended to 17 May 2013. Register now!

Sponsorship support is a vital part of any successful conference, and the Canadian Evaluation Society’s 2013 Conference Evaluation Across Boundaries is no exception. We’d like to recognize and thank the sponsors who signed up early, particularly those who are returning sponsors from previous years:

Johnston Research Inc.

Photo_Johnston copyOur first Platinum-level sponsor for this year, Johnston Research is recognized locally and internationally as a leader in Aboriginal evaluation. By using culturally-based knowledge and practices delivered by Aboriginal professionals to meet the needs of clients, Johnston Research Inc. has pioneered the development of evaluation tools to assess and improve culture-based social programming.

“Sponsorship for Johnston Research Inc. is about giving back to the Canadian Evaluation Society,” says  CEO Andrea Johnson, who has a wealth of experience in the field of Aboriginal research and serves on the board of the Society’s Ontario Chapter.

“It is a matter of values and giving credit where it is due. CES is an institution stepping up to today’s challenges of improved financial accountability, enhanced member services. This national conference is about coming together as a nation of Evaluators and networking, exchanging, and celebrating. For us, sponsorship is essential for supporting our future evaluators.” Andrea will be facilitating a workshop at CES Toronto 2013.

Science-Metrix Inc.

An independent research evaluation firm with offices in the U.S. and Quebec, Silver sponsor Science-Metrix is an acknowledged leader in the assessment of science and technology using bibliometric methods and in the evaluation of science-based programs and initiatives. The company has been involved with the annual CES conference for a number of years, with a view to advancing evaluation practice. Members of Science-Metrix will be presenting during the conference.

“While sponsorship provides advantageous benefits and high visibility to our team this event also enables unique knowledge exchange, professional development and business collaboration opportunities,” says Frédéric Bertrand, Vice-President of Evaluation at Science-Metrix Inc.

Cathexis Consulting

Founded in 2001, bronze sponsor Cathexis Consulting specializes in program evaluation. Since its inception the company has carried out more than 175 evaluation and measurement projects for clients ranging from provincial and federal government entities through universities, hospitals and non-profit organizations. As a sponsor for the 7th consecutive year, Cathexis Consulting wants to help ensure that evaluative thinking is used effectively in decision-making and policy-related processes.

“We believe the CES plays a significant role towards creating an enabling environment where evaluations can make a difference,” says Rochelle Zorzi, CEO of Cathexis Consulting. “The annual CES conference gives us a chance to share our passion and ideas with others who, like us, want to ensure that evaluations contribute to change. Sponsorship means that we get to show our support for the contribution the CES makes to furthering the evaluation field in Canada. Finally, sponsorship helps us to make new connections.”

Sponsor Benefits

We extend an invitation to additional potential funders to invest in evaluation and join the ranks without delay. With four standard sponsorship packages available and multiple customization options, sponsors can create the package that most closely corresponds to their organization’s work and budget. Whether to support the objectives and work done by CES from a philanthropic perspective, to attend participate and network in the conference in a business or thought-leadership capacity or to gain exposure in the evaluation community, we have options sponsors can select to fulfill their needs.

If your company would like to become involved with the conference or sponsor the event, please view the Sponsorship Prospectus on our website. Sponsors who come on board before May 17th can still get recognition in the print program. After that date the print option will have expired but there are still a number of ways to get sponsor exposure.

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17 April, 2013

4 Reasons to Register for CES 2013 Evaluation Conference


registrationRegistration is now open for the Canadian Evaluation Society’s 2013 evaluation conference, scheduled to be held in June at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. It’s your opportunity to reserve your seat at this remarkable event, where evaluators, policy-makers, program directors, managers and other evaluation specialists from around the world will gather to engage in fostering new knowledge. This year, we’ve managed to keep our rates really, really low to encourage the attendance of as many great evaluation minds as possible.

Reason #1: The Rates are Great

With the cost of conferences increasing exponentially over the past few years, we made a commitment to keep CES Toronto 2013 affordable for all, particularly for students of evaluation who have yet to get started in their careers. We’re proud to say we’ve managed to fulfill that commitment, with rates that are the best we’ve been able to offer in five years. Various rates are available if you just want to attend for a specific period of time.

Reason #2: Early Birds Pay Less

Early bird prices are $475 for full members, which is equal to our 2007 conference rate and has been higher most years since then. Students pay only $225, which is less than the 2012 conference and equivalent to our 2006 rates!  To qualify for these low early bird prices, however, registration must take place on or before May 10, 2013.

Reason #3: Regular Pricing Offers Value

After May 10th, 2013 you’ll be paying full price of $625, which we believe is still reasonable compared with previous years. Apart from the quality and content promised by the workshops and keynote speakers, it’s a small price to pay for the value of meeting and networking with other evaluation professionals throughout the duration of the event.

Reason #4: Final Date is Approaching

Your last opportunity to register will be Monday, June 3rd at 11.59 pm EST. But for those who would still like to attend, or perhaps only want to come to a specific workshop, we’ll be taking on-site registrations from Sunday June 9th at 7.30 am EST.

Grab your spot now – register online without delay. You need to be a member in good standing and payment must be made by cheque and/or invoice by Monday 13th May 2013. Cancellations and refunds are available subject to terms and conditions. Click here to check your membership status and renew if necessary.

Watch this space for more information on workshops lined up for 2013, or subscribe to our bilingual Conference Newsletter and follow us on social media. You can find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and  Google+.


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